At Home Medical Goes to Digital Summit Atlanta

Did you find this blog by doing a search for catheter basics or ways to stay active after a spinal cord injury? Well, the work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure you find the information you’re looking for is a complicated science. It’s called search engine optimization (SEO), and it’s one component of digital marketing — the art of reaching customers on the web.

DigitalSummit Swag

At At Home Medical, Dionna Collins is in charge of of all our digital marketing. This week, she attended the Digital Summit here in Atlanta. Here’s an inside look at what she learned and how it helps us reach you.

Laid-Back Business Casual Atmosphere

At the Digital Summit, attendees got to mix and mingle over breakfast and lunch in a laid-back environment. Marketers are an interesting bunch. There are veterans who understand marketing fundamentals, young Millennials who live online, analytical types like coders and analysts, and creative types like designers and writers.

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That’s part of what makes marketing conferences so interesting — you get to exchange ideas with an eclectic group of people.

Learning to Be a Better Marketer

Dionna attended several sessions that covered everything from search engine marketing (SEM) to Snapchat.

The first workshop was an in-depth look at SEO and SEM, led by Michael King of iPullRank, a digital marketing agency. He talked about how to make content, like blog posts, more visible to search engines, how mobile phone use is changing the way websites are ranked on Google, and how some tools make it easier for companies to be found on the web.

Micheal King of iPullRank

Another session covered how companies can use Snapchat and live video to reach young people. Maybe we’ll hop on the trend and make some videos about our products!

She also learned about the future of mobile marketing in a roundtable discussion with leaders from the digital marketing world. Everyone’s shopping on their phones these days, so companies like ours need to adapt to make it easier for you. One way to do that is with apps, like the one Starbucks offers, that allow you to reorder common items and get special deals.

They also talked about how apps can send you push notifications based on your location. Imagine if an app automatically notified you when you were near a wheelchair-friendly restroom? It’s a pretty cool (and kinda creepy) concept. The big takeaway was that marketers need to focus on helping you, and not just pushing another app.

This is just a snapshot of all that Dionna learned at the Digital Summit. Have any questions about her experience? She runs all of our social media accounts, so leave a comment here or on our Facebook and Instagram pages and she’ll reply!


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