Wheelchair Brides: Rolling Down the Aisle in Style

The big bridal magazines don’t often feature brides in wheelchairs. But ask any woman who’s rolled down the aisle, and she’ll tell you that her wheelchair didn’t get in the way of the most important day of her life. Here are some tips to help make your special day as memorable as possible.

Picking an Accessible Venue

Every venue will have varying levels of accessibility.

Historical buildings are charming, but may not be able to accommodate you and your guests. Ramps may be in awkward places and the interior may be small, making it harder to navigate.

palmersOn the other hand, newer facilities may have all the accommodations covered, but lack the look that you’re going for. And outdoor weddings come with their own challenges. (Rolling over branches isn’t so fun.) You may find creative ways to overcome those obstacles, like this couple.

Visiting a venue multiple times can give you a chance to weed out all of these issues. Bring friends who may spot things that you don’t. That way, when the big day comes around, you won’t be surprised.

Finding the Right Dress

Picking the right dress is supposed to be a fun experience, but it ends up stressing out many brides. Ultimately, it’s all about finding something right for you. That may mean that you need a custom-made gown, like this bride.

Or you may prefer to take something off the rack and modify it. These days, brides of all kinds are ditching the rules. So feel free to choose a dress that will look good on you, makes you comfortable and celebrates your style.

See How Other Brides Did It

When you’re trying to find inspiration, there’s nothing like watching someone else. Check out how these wheelchair brides rolled down the aisle.

    • Wheelchair Mommy blogs about being a wife and mom to 3 boys as a wheelchair user. Her Niagara Falls wedding didn’t go according to plan, but that didn’t stop her from having a great time. Read all about it here.
    • Nina Neon blogged about her wedding experience for Love My Dress. She wrote an in-depth series on the planning process, finding the right dress and the actual wedding day.
    • Rachelle Friedman was the subject of international news in 2010, when she was injured during her bachelorette party. Since then, she’s become a motivational speaker and author. She and her husband allowed 1-800 Registry to create this short video about their wedding.

If you like these tips, you may also like our blog about prom, which has some helpful tips for brides too!

Are you going to be a wheelchair bride this summer? We’d love to feature your story. Drop us a comment below or tag us in your Instagram pictures, and your story could be told right here!

AHM Exposed is the blog for At Home Medical, which specializes in selling continence care and other medical supplies for those with disabilities.

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