Wheelchair-Friendly Theme Parks You May Not Have Heard Of

It’s time to start planning your summer fun, and what’s better than an amusement park? Regardless of your disability, you can enjoy the thrill of roller coasters, the fun of carnival games and the relaxation of a water park. Wondering which parks are the best at accommodating disabilities? You can start with the Disney parks, Universal Studios, or your nearest Six Flags, but here are 7 more that may not have been on your summer agenda.

Canobie Lake Park — Salem, NH


Canobie Lake has a mixture of thrill rides, family rides, water rides and kid’s rides. Their accessibility guide will help you plan your visit before you get to the park.

Knott’s Berry Farm — Buena Park, CA

As one of the most popular theme parks in North America, you may have heard of Knott’s Berry Farm, but did you know that they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure accessibility for everyone? The park layout is well-suited to those with mobility limitations. Their Guest Assistance Guide offers up-to-date information on the accommodations they offer.

Morgan’s Wonderland — San Antonio, TX

We profiled Morgan’s Wonderland in our accessible destinations post,  and it’s worth revisiting. This theme park was built by a father with a disabled child, and every ride is accessible. Guests and their family members also can attend for free or discounted rates. The whole family can have fun together, since there are no limitations on how many can accompany a person with disabilities on the rides.

Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari — Santa Clause, IN

Like Canobie Lake Park, Holiday World offers an extensive accessibility guide that takes the guesswork out of figuring out what accommodations are available. According to their website, most rides are accessible. If waiting in line is an issue, you can request a pass that allows you and up to 3 companions to wait outside of the queue.

Crayola Experience — Easton, PA; Orlando, FL; Minneapolis, MN (Opening in May 2016)


With 3 locations, the Crayola Experience offers a fully accessible attraction. If standing out in the sun isn’t your thing, or if you have a budding artists in your family, Crayola Experience is full of interactive, creative fun.

Knoebels — Elysburg, PA


Knoebels is unique because it guests pay for the rides they choose to go on instead of a general admission fee. They have a short accessibility guide on their website, but they make the cut on this list for offering a relaxed environment that many guests enjoy. Knoebels gives you the fun of the amusement park without the sensory overload that you can get at some of the other parks.

Lagoon Park — Farmington, UT


Lagoon Park has been around since the late 1800s, so it’s a popular attraction for locals. You’ll find a mixture of old and new rides, as well as a small water park to cool off in. Learn more about their accommodations with their accessibility guide. Their website also gives a detailed breakdown of each ride, so you can get an idea of which ones you may want to try.

**Tip:** Worrying about bladder accidents can distract you from the fun. Make sure you take care of your catheterization routine before you go on rides so you can enjoy them stress-free!

Planning on checking out any of these theme parks this summer? We’d love to hear about your experience! Tag us on Instagram or drop us a note on our Facebook page and tell us about it!


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