Cool Products for Kids with Spinal Cord Injuries

Did you see our post earlier this week about Cameron, the teen wheelchair basketball champ? His mom buys his catheters from us, and they were kind enough to share some great tips on how to raise a child in a wheelchair and keep them active. Today, we’re going to focus on the products that help kids with spinal cord injuries express their individuality and learn with toys and games. Whether you’ve got a young artist or athlete, check out these unique products for kids with disabilities.

Toys and games for kids with limited mobility

Able Play. Overwhelmed by the number of toys available for your child to play with? Try out Created by The National Lekotek Center, Able Play is a toy rating system that scores toys based on the developmental skills they promote: sensory, cognitive, communicative, physical and social/emotional.


Zot Artz. Is your child a budding artist? With Zot Artz adaptive art tools, their wheelchair can become their paintbrush. If painting’s not their thing, you can also get them chalk drawers or bubble makers. Zot Artz was the creative force behind the world’s largest wheelchair painting, created this year at the LA Abilities Expo.
Capture 12
Photo Credit: Zot Artz
Hi Ho Cherry O. Board games are a classic way for kids and adults of all ages to have fun and learn. But if your child has limited mobility in their upper extremities, these games may not be feasible for them. Hi Ho Cherry O is an old school game that helps young children learn how to count, and now there’s an adapted version. It still has the traditional board, but it also comes with and adapted spinner that can be activated with a switch, and a game board that allows the player to “count” their cherries by pushing a button, instead of pulling the small pieces off the game board. See it in action below:


Help your child roll in style

Aerotech Gloves. For kids who play sports, gloves keep their hands from getting callouses and blisters. Check out the selection offered by aerotech, a manufacturer of cycling gear. They’ve got a wide choice of colors and sizes to pick from.

Capture 13

Light Wheels. Does your kid love to be flashy? The Volcanic Glare Ultimate Light Wheel is the best way to roll in style (and lose at hide-and-go-seek). With 8 colored lights in every wheel, this wheelchair accessory is a great way for your little one to express their individuality.

Do you have a favorite cool product for kids with spinal cord injuries? Tell us about it in the comments!

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