#HelloFromAtHome: Meet Brian, the Voice on the Other End of the Line

Here at At Home Medical, we sell catheters, incontinence products and other medical supplies, but we also do so much more. We love hearing from members of our community, and we want you to get to know who we are too! That’s why we’re doing #HelloFromAtHome, a series of interviews with our staff.


This week, we talk to Brian Doughtie, our one-man customer service department. If you call our office, more than likely, he’ll be on the other line.


Q. What do you do for At Home Medical?
A. I’m customer service. I answer phones and process web orders.


Q. How long have you been with the company?
A. Since it started. I go way back with these guys.


Q. What are you looking forward to?
A. The new website and the changes that will come along with the technology. This is such a basic thing that I do – answering calls and processing orders. It gets thrilling when you can do things on an iPhone with an app or something like that. We don’t have one of those yet, but we might in the next couple of years.


Q. What’s been the most exciting thing you’ve seen or worked on?
A. The growth of the company. At one point we were sharing an office space with another company, and we eventually separated ourselves. It’s great to see the growth and development in the last couple of years.


Q. What motivates you to do what you do?
A. Seeing what our customers go through. I do some bike rides with disabled veterans and things like that and I see the struggles that they have. It motivates me to learn more about the industry and help them get the products they need to have a better lifestyle.


Q. What do you like about the team at At Home Medical?
A. We’ve all worked together for many years. Every now and then we’ll do a BBQ and have a Christmas meal or something like that. We do things as a group so we can have a good time. Maybe have a dinner meeting offsite or cook some hot dogs on the grill at the warehouse.


Q. What are some of the most common questions customers ask?
A. It seems like I’m always educating on products. Doctors and nurses don’t always tell people the full scope of what’s out there. They heal them but don’t tell them all they need to know from there. We kinda have to tell people what’s out there and how it helps address their issues.


All the manufacturers have resources. For instance, companies who make ostomy supplies have various resources and guides. It can also get specific to your condition. Each condition has specific information that’s out there. Like, for instance, iPush. There are so many resources and groups for people these days. Sometimes I’ll recommend those things. It’s all about educating the customer.


Q. What’s something about you that people may be surprised to know?
A. I’m able-bodied and I ride a hand cycle that is designed for disabled people. I use it to participate in bike rides for charity, mainly the National MS society. My goal is to ride in all 50 states by my 50th birthday. 50 by 50. So far, I’ve done 14.


I got started because I was doing a training ride and I met this guy who was doing an MS event. Shortly after that I found out my best friend’s wife had MS so I decided to keep doing these rides.


Q. What’s your favorite movie?
A. Airplane. It’s hilarious!


Thanks, Brian. Got any questions on our products or how to place your order? Leave us a comment below, and Brian will give you an answer!

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  1. Good to put a face on you after all these years!


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