At Home Medical Goes to Wordstream’s First Ever Customer Event

If you found At Home Medical by doing a Google search for catheters or other urological supplies, then you probably were experiencing the handiwork of Dionna Collins, our Internet Marketing Manager. This week, she was asked to speak at Wordstream’s first ever customer event.

What’s Wordstream? It’s a software platform that helps companies simplify online advertising. Because they’re so closely tied to Google, the event was hosted at Google’s Boston office

The Atmosphere

It shouldn’t be any surprise that Google’s Boston office is a tech lover’s dream. Located in Cambridge, with MIT and Harvard a stone’s throw away, it’s a hub for innovation and tech talent.

Google’s offices have become well-known for being fun, comfortable environments, and this one’s no different. The building’s decor was inspired by Boston’s transit system – the elevator doors resemble the doors you’d see on the train and the directional signs look like what you’d see in the train station.

From the coffee shop, to the library, to the treadmill desks, Google’s office space did not disappoint.

The audience at the customer event was made up of a diverse group of marketers from around the country. They enjoyed a healthy menu of fresh food, got to let loose in a fun photo booth and did some networking afterwards during a cocktail hour.


The Conversation

So what was the panel about? The ever-changing world of search marketing and how Dionna and her peers are using Wordstream to streamline their workload.

Dionna, like many of the other panelists and audience members, has a lot on her plate. She shared how Wordstream helps her save time with their “20-Minute PPC Work Week” – a tool that takes some of the manual grunt work out of search engine marketing. Since she started with At Home Medical in October, she’s already seen the results of her work.

One hot-button topic was the way Google’s changing how ads are displayed on the search results page. Of course, this is causing quite a stir in the digital marketing community. Representatives from Google talked about how this would change the search experience for everyone – advertisers and consumers.

IMG_4517 - CopyUnfortunately, we don’t have any deep insights on how Google decides what ads and search results to display – they weren’t giving up any of their secret sauce!

In addition to the panel, attendees got to hear from Larry Kim, the creator of Wordstream. Larry’s knowledge and passion for what he does was nothing short of impressive and inspiring.

IMG_4524 - Copy

Want to know more about the event, or interested in learning more about what Dionna does? Chat with her on our Facebook or Instagram pages.



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