Apps That Simplify Catheter, Ostomy and Urological and Bowel Management

Keeping up with your catheter, ostomy and overall urological and bowel management can get overwhelming. But the risks that come with slacking off on your routine – like UTIs and skin problems – are worse. These four apps will help you stick to your routine and be proactive about preventing illness.

Cath on Time

Capture23Staying on top of your catheterizing schedule can be tough. The CathNow app (Free for iPhone) reminds you to cath on time with customizable alarms. The makers of this app also kept discretion in mind: the home page icon is non-descript and you can write anything you choose (“Time to feed the dog”) as your alert message.


Manage your Ostomy with Ease

Capture27Care for your ostomy with the help of OstoBuddy ($0.99 for iOS and Android). This app keeps track of all of your ostomy supplies so you can know how much you’re using and when you need to reorder. It also alerts you when it’s time to change your ostomy appliance. Designed by an ostomate, OstoBuddy can even scan in barcodes for some products, making it that much easier to log them into your inventory.

Track and Analyze Your Diet and Symptoms

Capture26The mySymptoms app ($2.99 for iOS and Android) is a food and symptom tracker. If you’re trying to figure out which foods could be triggering certain symptoms, like bowel issues, this app is for you. Originally designed by someone who suffers from food intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), this app collects data on your eating, drinking and sleeping habits and analyzes them against the occurrence and severity of symptoms you experience. It’s an excellent way to help you and your medical provider find ways to address bowel management issues.

Find Wheelchair Accessible Restrooms

Capture25You know how it goes. You’re out with your friends, family or colleagues and you need to find a wheelchair accessible restroom that’s clean and comfortable. Wheelmate relies on user-generated ratings and comments to help you find a place nearby with a restroom that won’t make you cringe.  As an added bonus, it also helps you find wheelchair accessible parking spaces, which are also rated by other users.

Using apps like these can help supplement the bladder and bowel management care regiment that you’ve established with your medical provider. They allow you to spend more time on living a full life and let you take more control of your routine, instead of it controlling you. Do you use any of the apps listed here? Do you think we missed any? Let us know in the comments!


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